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progressive aggressive djent


Monkey Trap (2019)

Recorded and performed by Humavoid Band

(Suvimarja Halmetoja, Niko Kalliojärvi, Heikki Malmberg, Mikki Rousi)

Mixed by Tuomas Yli-Jaskari

Mastered by Fascination Street Studios

video game metal


The March of the Machines (2018)

Arranged and produced by Mikki Rousi / Sinfinian

My services


Want to record a song or an album?

My homestudio provides all the necessary gear for high-quality tracking of guitar, bass, keys and vocals. 

With my portable recording rig drums can be comfortably tracked at the bands rehearsal space.


Drums need quantizing or vocals tuning?

I provide top notch editing with fast turnaround. Drums will be quantized and returned with phase accurate MIDI files. Vocals will be tuned and aligned with backing vocals to make the performances sheen while preserving the human elements.


Vision a punchy and polished mix for your song?

I transform unprocessed raw tracks into professional sounding polished recordings without breaking the bank. After the tracking and editing it’s time to focus on the sounds of your song. What ever pleases your taste, I can help you find it!


Recording, producing and publishing

I help businesses record, produce and publish high-quality podcasts.

Recording includes editing the takes, the pauses, the misreads, the clicks and pops of mouth and all such unwanted extra nuisance and adding effects & elements if needed so that the final product is as pleasant and interesting for the listener as it can be.

Podcasting is a great way to market your brand. Let me help your business build a social media following and reach new customers.


Custom made compositions

I compose, arrange and produce musical pieces with virtual symphonic orchestra and other MIDI controlled instruments. 

As a veteran gamer and a fan of the game music genre I understand just how much the music affects the player.

Whether it’s ambient drone sounds or massive & epic orchestral pieces your game requires I want to help it make an impact and achieve great results!

Music & Audio Production Profile 03
Valokuva: Henry Nyman

About me

I’m a musician and entrepreneur from Espoo and my daily activities circle around music and audio production. I teach guitar, mix & produce heavy metal music, compose for films & video games and help businesses record & publish podcasts. I’m always ready to jump in on new creative projects. Music is my passion and a way of life.

For the past decade I’ve been hoarding knowledge at a number of top notch learning environments. Once I graduated from University Of Applied Sciences as a Bachelor of Culture and Arts (2008-2012), I found myself studying guitar playing at Berklee College Of Music’s online school (2012-2014). Since then I’ve learned audio production at various online platforms such as URM Academy, Hardcore Music Studio and Cinematic Composing. I’ve attended a guitar masterclass called Freak Guitar Camp in Sweden (2015) and been to Austria for an Orchestration & Arrangement masterclass (2019). 

I own a homestudio in Espoo where I’m able to provide various high-quality audio works and for reasonable prices. I’m constantly pushing myself to learn more and I’m driven to improve myself on every audio adventure I take.



+358 (0)50 349 5104

Piilipuuntie 3, 02250 ESPOO (FIN)